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Feed Mill

Customer Problem:

A critical large triple sprocket for the customers primary mixer failed. The sprocket was not available off-the-shelf anywhere, and the original manufacturer provided a lead time of 3 weeks.


The down time proposed would have caused a large loss, not only shutting down production, but also impacting the herds and flocks that relied on this feed daily.

Machine Tech Solution:

We had to respond to the problem fast, with a custom sprocket and machine hub to replace the failed unit.


Working together with the customer, our team designed, fabricated and installed a new sprocket within 24 hours of being notified. Fitting perfectly and getting the feed mill back into production.

The services provided:

  • Removal of old sprocket

  • Site measure of existing shaft and sizing of chain

  • Plasma cut sprocket

  • Machining of hub

  • Welding hub and sprocket together

  • Re-install


Food Processing Mill

Customer Problem:

Our customer required a custom platform with stairs and a railing for a new feed mill bagging line. Access to the room was very limited and because of size constraints, the platform would have to be engineered in sections to be assembled and installed in sections.

Machine Tech Solution:

Our team measured the room and entrance ways to design a bolt-together structure that could be brought in with small forklifts and installed in sections.

This required working with engineers for approval and installing in a very tight space. The project was completed on time and on budget with no injuries or safety infractions, regardless of the limited space constraints.

The services provided:

  • Site measurement

  • Custom design, approved by engineers

  • Fabrication

  • Sandblast

  • Paint

  • Installation


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